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Many of you probably already know that "LOL" typically stands for "laughing out loud" but here on my blog, it means "living out loud". For many adults being authentic no longer comes naturally. We must work at it. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we have lost the ability to simply LIVE. After dealing with a lot of personal trials, including verbal/emotional abuse and being the caretaker for my father prior to his death, I have come through and not only survived, but am working on thriving. I have maintained a sense of humor & have been resilient. Here I will write about my life and what's going on in my mind. Hence is the life of a writing, child-at-heart, sage-like goddess who refuses to "grow up" if that means being inauthentic.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

**Inquiry for Topics**

To all LADIES,
This month I turn 39 and I'm planning quite a lot for the following year leading up to my 40th birthday. This will include a series of blogs and vlogs that I will post throughout the next year. What I'm asking from all of you is assistance with topics!
If you are already 40 (or beyond), what are some things that you wished you had known at 40? What are things you wish someone had told you or warned you about? What type of advice would you want to give someone in my position or younger?
For those of you around my age, share with me what you know for sure at our age, what questions do you have for our older sisters, and what advice do you have for our younger sisters?
For those of you who have awhile before reaching this mile-marker, what would you hope to know by now? What would you like to ask of us older ladies? What experiences would you like to know about? What advice would you like to receive?
Any and all ideas are welcome. If I don't get to all of the topics during my time frames over the next year, I may continue on beyond my 40th birthday, so don't be discouraged. I will start off slow and by 40 days before my 40th, I will be posting daily. If it is not a topic I want to tackle publicly, I will likely contact you privately for a discussion. 
Thank you all in advance for your input on this topic. I am excited to see what discussions this brings and to write my responses. 

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